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UNIFI Capital, a specialized Portfolio Management company offering innovative investment strategies with superior risk adjusted returns. Thematic investment styles are designed around niche investment opportunities that exist in the Indian capital markets. Usually such specialties offer limited scope for scale-up in terms of the capital and deploy effectively. The focus is always upon discovering and taking advantage of an insight that can provide the edge, and then adding layers of research and due diligence to construct a portfolio. Unifi is essentially a value investor in growth businesses, place Value first but always also demand growth potential in a business portfolio holds. Unifi believe that stock performance, particularly in mid and small firms, needs a catalyst; and often the best catalyst is an attractive price combined with growth.

 Corporate Address - No 11, Kakani Towers,15 Khader Nawaz Khan Rd,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India-600006
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  SEBI Number - INP000000613
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