Finalyca Relation Manager (FRM) Plan

Create successful Relationship Manager (RM) outcomes today.

Marketing leaders must forge opportunities for new markets and customers while dealing with disruptive competitive threats. In a hyper-connected world, that job has never been harder – or more closely scrutinized.

Today’s marketing mantras – optimization, innovation, demand generation, and segmentation — ideally “dominate the conversation”. Boiled down to actions, organisations want to know who to target, what to offer, and how to present it.

Organizations invest significant resources in analytics to unlock data trends and create enhanced value for your end client. Traditional data science and data engineering often fall short of improving business outcomes and delivering ROI.

Our FRM Plan provides:

  • Action-ready analytics to your client-facing executive so she/he can deliver investment options along with the empirical facts to your client.
  • Multi-faceted, domain-specific analytics that show clear data paths thus answering client queries optimally.
  • Solutions which empower RM’s to upskill, create value, and improve their work-life balance, while also driving business growth.

FRM Plan exclusively for Finalyca Platinum users

FRM would be exclusively available for Finalyca Platinum users. The FRM shall have the following functionalities:

    Fact Sheet Analysis for Funds covered on Finalyca.
    Analytics - Fund Comparison across all Funds.
    Analytics - Fund Overlap across all Funds.
    Portfolio X-Ray Report for analysis of Client Portfolios. This would also include Overlap of Client Portfolio with other Funds, Model Portfolios, and Indices.

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