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For years together, the PMS industry data in Asia’s fastest growing major economy lacked authentic external validation, apart from suffering from the twin ignominy of opacity and lack of uniformity. This hampered data mining, analysis, and decision-making, leading to strong demand for a disruptive all-in-one solution aimed at democratizing the investment landscape.
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Daniel Gm

Founder - Director


Founder - Director

Milan Ganatra

Board Member & Advisor

Philip Shah


Himanshu Sharma

Vice president

Presenting Finalyca,

India’s first all-in-one investment analytics platform for traditional and alternative strategies
brought to you by industry pioneer, PMS Bazaar.
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Finalyca empowers investors by delivering Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)-driven performance analytics fuelled by India’s leading database for over Rs 25 trillion of assets in PMSes, AIFs, MFs & ULIPs across 2500+ investment products.

With this unique and revolutionary approach, Finalyca solves all the long-standing difficulties by bringing together a technology platform shaped by highest standards of integrity, complete transparency, authentic data and uniformity, for multiple product categories, in one single screen, accessible at any time of the day or night.

We digitally deliver trustworthy data on financial returns, asset flows, expenses, fees, performance benchmarks, risk stats of all the tracked investment products in our universe, providing investors with a very high degree of reliability, comparability and knowledge on investment products, thereby altering outcomes.

Our comprehensive bespoke solution has become the core performance analytics tool for domestic & global asset managers, wealth professionals, independent HNI investors, family offices, institutions, business schools, media platforms, and research agencies, helping take data-driven decisions accurately, efficiently and quickly.

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